onsdag den 27. marts 2013

My dual-sim background

It is important for me to mention my background in the "dual-sim world". I have in the last two years owned and used HD9, Hot 958, T9199, Lenovo A60, Star x18i, ZTE U960, Lenovo 750, ZTE V970 and Huawai U8950D G600. I work as an consultant and dual sim is an important feature for my, to be able to separate my work and private life.

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  1. Hi,
    first of all thanks for blog, time, review ...

    I am also planning to buy this phone, but I am a bit confused according to SAR values of this phone. On the net I found quite a different values form 0.212 to 0.807W/kg and somewhere also higher than 1.000
    Do You have some information?

    And I'd like to ask also about a battery life?

    Thanks a lot, regards,

  2. Hi Laci,

    Sorry, no I do not know the SAR value of the phone.

    I have only had the phone for four days, but so far no problems with battery life. Even with all the "playing around" with a new phone, it have not gone below 50% after a day of use. So I think it will easily last a day.

    I will post more about battery life, once I have used the phone a little longer.

  3. Hi!
    Which online store did you order?

  4. ... and what is your opinion for hotmid.com.
    are they trustworthy?
    have you ordered anything else from this store?

    1. I have shopped with them once before. The phone arrived quick, and as described. I have not had any warranty cases or other things like that with them.