onsdag den 27. marts 2013

Where to buy ZTE V987?

Let me first emphasize that I do not work with any sellers. I only want share my experiences with sellers that I have had good experience with. I have  bought quite allot of phones from China :-)

These sellers will offer to sell you the phone with custom recovery, and rooted. I always try to choose this option, but it is up to you. Some times you need to flash recovery and custom ROM your self anyway, and in that case it does no matter. 

Bought allot of phones from them, and they are reliable and do offer a fair amount of support, and ships fast. You can choose a "etotalk mod rom" that means root and often also custom recovery. I have bought from them several times.

I bought my ZTE V987 from them, and have done business with them once before. The have been honest to me, and ships quite fast. I have actually canceled an order with the earlier, and the refunded my PayPal payment right away - great service. The phone arrived with root and custom recovery. 

The phone was about $60 cheaper including shipping at hotmid.com, and they had the phone in stock. That is why I choose to buy from them this time.

A few tips
  • Always check stock with the seller
  • Pay with PayPal so you have some security for the item turning up
  • I always use a Express service, personally I use DHL but other prefers EMS. DHL Express  is generally only 2-3 days to Europe.

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  1. Hello ,

    Thanks for the great blog. I am a Bulgarian user and I plan to buy this phone. My carrier supports WCDAM 900/2100. Do you have any 3g problems many MTK phones have 3G problems in Europe - not sure if this is due to the frequency.

    Cheers from sunny Bulgaria