onsdag den 27. marts 2013

The famous "return button" problem

The ZTE V987 is also known for an not so good thing: The "return button problem", or in other words, too sensitive to touch, so that would make the "back" button activate without directly touching it. Quite annoying.

My phone had that problem on earlier software, but the good news is that after I have upgraded to a 3.20 based ROM, the problem is gone! So it seems that it was a software problem after all.

I need to say, that my phone is from the 2013.03 production or "second lot".

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  1. Hi there... I have V970 and i have problem using good headphones. I bought the A-jays one but the audio jack of V970 is of old type and it doesnt support them. Do you know what type is the v987? OMTP(old) or CTIA(new). plz answer me on Thanasis_17@hotmail.com THANX

  2. is this ZTE V987 support USB OTG??